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A view from the back - Blog by the drummer

Live and Loud 

Following on from last weeks discussion about whether the album is still a worthwhile format, I can’t thank you enough for all the great comments and opinions I received. I love getting to know what you all think and I love that there are so many people keeping it old school, loving physical formats and keeping your local record shops in business. 

I read a great comment on last weeks blog echoing a thought that had been in my head as I started to write last week (sometimes I end up in places I don’t necessarily intend to at the outset) that the album has a mystical flow to it. 2 great examples for me are Moseley Shoals by Ocean Colour Scene especially the start of the album - Riverboat Song into Day We Caught The Train. 2 great songs for different reasons flowing beautifully from one to the other, I don’t like listening to them out of order they work so well together. The other one that has come to mind and actually put the thought in my head initially is Foo Fighters’ The Colour and The Shape. I listened to it for the first time in ages the other week and it does the same, Doll into Monkey Wrench. Wow, again complete contrast and the other way round to how Ocean Colour Scene structured their opening but very effective. Both are great albums from start to finish. The songs flow so nicely. Different but working together. 

I, like most of you it seems, love listening to a full album. There’s so many different things to listen to; the songwriting, each individual performance, the melody and harmony, production and the way each part fits together. I don’t listen to many live albums though. Aside from a couple of MTV Unplugged albums, a Silverchair CD/DVD package and Frampton Comes Alive I don’t think I’ve bought any live albums. I wouldn’t go looking for live albums. I think about the Silverchair Live From Far Away Stables performance and my enjoyment of listening to it is split. I like the energy of it being live but as I know the songs so well and love a sing along I feel that the changes he makes to his vocal melodies change the song too much. I know the song and I want to hear the song. 


What’s the point in them getting on stage and reproducing the album note for note? We can all just go and listen to the album and save everybody the effort of going out. The live experience is there to give us something different to what we already have. As musicians, we can be a little more in the moment live than in the studio. I just don’t think I want it as a second hand experience.