What's in a name?

I’m going to try desperately hard not to harp on about the plight of the independent musician/band on this one, even though it is obviously a subject close to my heart being as I am one and in one. If you will allow me one moment to moan (I love a moan, I’m loads happier when I’ve got something to whinge about) It would be just to ask, probably in an overly loud and angry fashion, why don’t more people give a crap and listen to more bands that they have never heard of. Obviously, you are one of the good guys, you’re here after all and I honestly can’t thank you enough and if I may be cheeky enough to ask one more favour, if you like a band or artist you’ve stumbled across that are trying to make their way in the musical world then please tell someone else and get them to carry it on. Tell me too please. 

Right, onwards. I was recently listening to a podcast I’m into and they were reviewing the Beatles (or should that be the The Beatles?) film A Hard Days Night. In the film, there is a bit where the radio is playing some music. Apparently, the guitarist on this piece of music is Jimmy Page, back in the days he was a session player. This made my ears prick up, I want to hear this piece of music. Why? You ask. I have no idea. It was described on the podcast as ‘Generic Rock Music’. But its Jimmy Page! It could be an absolute bag of crap but I know, because of who played on the track I could justify it in my head that it’s got some merit. There’s a few artists I could easily do that with. How many times have you shared an artist you love with someone, seen their not overly enthusiastic reception and justified it with comments like ‘This probably isn’t the best example’ or ‘You have to listen a few times to get it.’ 

Similarly, have you ever listened to the radio, heard a new song that you’ve instantly liked, then at the end found out who it was and been annoyed with yourself or even ashamed? On the flip side, have you ever hated a song and found out it is by someone you hold in high regard, and then tried to justify your initial reaction with yourself just because of who it is? I know I have done both these things numerous times. 

So, come on people, share with me your guilty pleasure songs and new bands you’ve discovered and I’ll do the same with you.

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