Trying to figure it out

This might end up going deeper than I intend, I apologise in advance. 

How on earth does the universe work (told you). I’m not a religious person, I don’t think I am anyway. I don’t believe the world, universe and everything was created by an omnipotent being that we can’t see and have no evidence that this being did all the stuff in the big book we were told about and read from growing up. However, I have had a couple of experiences in the past couple of years that lie beyond me being able to explain why these things have happened at that time. I don’t like to term them as coincidence, I am currently - at least – choosing to believe there is more to it than that. I believe I have already mentioned one of the instances in a previous post but I will recap if this is the first one you’ve read. 

It was pretty much exactly 3 years ago (coincidentally), definitely sometime in May 2015 that I had decided I want to play music again. I had taken a break from playing for around 2 years but was wanting to get back in to it. I made a conscious decision to only do something I wanted to do. I had only spoken to my wife about it a couple of weeks before but told no one else, then everything seemed to happen at once. I contacted a few guys I know and we started putting together a Brit Pop tribute band. We did a few rehearsals but it was just too difficult to all get together regularly and we didn’t go any further. At the same time, I had been contacted by a friend of mine. There’s another coincidence here (in my head these coincidences are small time compared to the overall point I’m trying to make which as I’ve said above, isn’t a coincidence it’s a… dunno! Hence the title of this blog). The friend that contacted me used to be in a band with 2 of the guys that I was trying to get the Brit Pop thing together with. Anyway, he knew a band that was looking for a drummer and thankfully he thought of me first. This was it. Exactly what I was looking for. I remember talking to Mick about it after I’d been in the band a few weeks and he reassured me that I wasn’t mental, there are many schools of thought about what I experienced and he put me on to a theory called Syncronicity (Karl Jung). Still haven’t got through that book though. 

The second one happened last week. Mick and I were on our way to Manchester, I needed some new drum heads and I’m a bit old school/loyal/nuts in the fact that I’d rather drive from Blackpool to Manchester and back to buy my drum bits than go on the Internet, I love talking to the guys in the drum shop, you learn a lot and get some great advice, it’s a worthwhile experience. Anyway, we’re talking about all sorts of stuff and I mention a drum clinic that is coming up in Preston, its being put on by the music academy I teach at. I was saying how I’d seen loads of these during my time at Drumtech and also at various drum shows over the years. I also mentioned that I would love to do a clinic myself. Fast forward to the very next day, my boss at the music academy pulled me aside and asked if I would like to do the support slot at the drum clinic. Great googly moogly (to quote Frank Zappa), my head was absolutely spinning. I am about to realise one of my long-term goals but more than that. How does the universe Work? I said I want to do something and then I get to do it. Do your intentions have to be pure? This hasn’t worked with my other goal of winning the lottery so maybe you can’t ask for financial gain, you can only ask for an opportunity or you must really want it with every fibre of your being, not just the thought of it. Maybe your soul has to want it before you can ask and receive. 

Both of my realisations have been good for my soul, they make me happier than I can explain. I don’t know if its because I have had nothing but positive thoughts about these things or whether it was going to happen anyway, I just happened to mention it first. Or maybe, just maybe, the world and universe work in weird and mystical ways that we (or I, at least, I haven’t studied the subject) just don’t and/or shouldn’t understand. 

 I’d love to hear about similar things that have happened to you and your thoughts on it so either comment on this page or via the Facebook or Twitter link that may have brought you here.

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