The Christmas Spirit

I was full of Christmas spirits last night. Mostly Spiced Rum. Christmas is a great excuse to get together with friends and I’m lucky with mine, we may not get together often but when we do its like no time has passed. 

With just over a week to go until ‘The Big Day’, I’m starting to feel incredibly festive, however I’ve had Christmas songs around me since the day after bonfire night thanks to my wife who still shows no sign of letting up with her Christmas mood. It has however given me a lot of time to think about which songs are actually Christmas songs. 

Much like the modern-day debate of whether Die Hard or Home Alone are Christmas movies or not (Home Alone is just a film about really bad parents imo), I have my own thoughts on what constitutes a Christmas song. The most important thing to me is that it must set a Christmas scene. Take ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ for example, it sets the scene perfectly, using traditional Christmas ideals and being upbeat and in keeping with the spirit of the season. On the other side there is ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but this is just another broken-hearted love song. The only reason it’s played at this time of year is because it mentions Christmas in the title and the chorus. It could be set at any time of year really, it has nothing to do with the spirit of Christmas. 

There has been a trend, going back god knows how long now, for artists to release “Christmas Songs”, many of which, like Wham, having nothing to do with Christmas like Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” a perfectly good pop song but masquerading as a Christmas one and there has been countless others that could fall into the same category and even worse, are just terrible songs (or bad cover versions) that get churned out for some reason. 

I’d love to know your views on this. I believe music should be honest and while we have songs pretending to be something they are not then it’s just not doing what its supposed to. I may take a leaf out of the Father Ted book of protesting and start my own protest with a sign that reads “Down with this sort of thing”.

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