2. Lucky Man

They say you make your own luck, they say the harder I work the luckier I get. I say, they’re probably right on this one. The more I reflect on my life I realise how lucky I am, I have a healthy loving family around me from whom I get a great deal of support on this crazy rollercoaster life of being in a band, having 3 kids and 2 other jobs. I have always been a positive person but I have also recently taken to removing a lot of negativity from around me. I’ve never been into reading newspapers but I have stopped watching the news, I rarely listen to the radio choosing podcasts from which I can be motivated and learn something instead.  

The biggest stroke of luck I’ve had in recent times happened nearly 3 years ago. I was in a period of down time from playing music. 2 years prior I’d had enough. I had killed myself, musically speaking and I was feeling thoroughly unfulfilled and uninspired with the direction my musical life had taken. I had achieved a goal I set after graduating university with my music degree which was to make my living solely from music. I had done it, well done me. Sadly, it was not all it was cracked up to be, it was not how I had, or probably how most people envisage a career in music to be. I was teaching private lessons, which I loved but found I couldn’t grow my practice any further but the worst part for me was the amount of covers gigs I had to play to earn a living. It was the Rolling Stones that really did me in, I’ve never been a fan and I found myself 2 or 3 times a week knocking out a couple of sets in any pub, club or function playing a number of their songs. By the end, it was soul destroying for me so I packed up my kit, stuck it at my mums house and got into the grind of work and fatherhood. Happy days. 

Fast forward 2 years, spring of 2015, and I start to get an itch (get your mind out of the gutter). I have a need (seriously, you’re better than that) I have to play the drums but I have one overriding criteria, it has to be exactly what I want to do. Covers or originals, not too bothered as long as it was of a good standard and it was what I wanted to play. Now, here’s where the universe stepped in. I hadn’t told anyone about this desire to play again, I remember vividly thinking it to myself, I started looking around Facebook groups and websites for people maybe looking for a drummer when out of the blue I was contacted by a friend of mine who knew of a band looking for a drummer. I had a listen to their (at the time) latest EP and watched a video on YouTube and knew instantly it was for me. 

I like to think I’ve brought a bit of value to the band so far and certainly plan to keep on doing so and I feel fortunate to get to work (it might be fun but its also a lot of work) with such great people in Mick, Andy and Bobby playing such great songs. We recently put a song on Facebook for everyone to listen to with the headline When were your glory days? Mine are right now, I hope yours are too.

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