We're Coming Home

Not being a football fan, I couldn’t really have cared that “it” didn’t come home. I enjoyed the positive feeling that the teams success brought, much like the Summer of 2012 with the Jubilee and The Olympics. I found you don’t necessarily have to be a supporter of something (Football, Athletics, The Royal Family) to enjoy the benefits that such occasions bring. 

As musicians, we get a feel-good factor every time we play live. We have been fortunate to have an amazing audience at every gig I’ve played in this band and it is something we really feed off whilst playing and we carry that feeling for a few days afterwards. The problem with this, is that if we have a period of not gigging, the feeling wanes quickly and its difficult to get into the grind of rehearsing with the end goal being too far away. 

In the band, we have begun an extended period of positivity. As you may have read, Troub Towers was infiltrated and we were the victims of theft. We were on the lookout for a new base anyway but this was the final nail in the coffin and made us pull our fingers out and get sorted. So, out of a very negative situation we have managed to turn it into a huge positive. Obviously, we have lost out financially but hey, we’re over it already and it has been an experience that we will learn from. 

The new room needed a little work but we’ve moved in and it’s given us a renewed focus on our next projects and gigs. Along with the room, which is in the same building and on the same floor where I first met Mick, Andy & Bobby we’ve also managed to secure a residency in the venue below. This is a venue I have played countless times through the years, my close friend also used to be Landlord and is the scene of my first public performance with Troubadour (before we officially added the We Are bit). We have some plans in the coming months for these gigs and are trying to make it more than just a band playing in a pub. 

I know there are troughs up the road, but at the moment I’m riding a pretty decent peak and it’s a feeling that I’m trying to keep for as long as possible. I’ve always had a positive outlook on things, even when it goes wrong. It only takes a small action either way to get you into ‘a different place’ but remember, there’s always balance and if things haven’t quite gone to plan then there is something just around the corner to flip you the right way up, you just have to notice and embrace it.

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