Perfect Day

What is a perfect day? You may remember from an earlier blog that I was asked to be best man for my friends’ wedding, well, the big day was this week and the only words I can use to sum it up is – Perfect – but what made it so? 

The day reflected their history together and personalities perfectly. It had the right balnce of humour and seriousness. The theme was just right and I couldn’t imagine anything better for them. It has made me think a lot about being true to yourself, allowing your personality to shine and do things your own way. To be part of a day like this was truly special to me and I find myself being more positive in my demeanour and outlook because of it. 

Its not just Perfect days that can do this either. Moments can have the same effect. When we, as a band, connect on a piece of music. When watching our favourite sports teams win. These moments are perfect to us in the present and although its difficult to hold that feeling long term, they can give us a little lift when we remember them. I am often reminded of my first trip to Wembley for example and can recall many of the events of the day and the feelings that brought with it bring happiness for a short time. 

We are often told to strive for perfection, but a perfect day can just happen without us even trying. I hadn’t realised how someone else’s day could make me feel. What would a perfect day look like for you?

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