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I always call them records, being born in 1980, I caught the tail end of vinyl being used for all new releases although cassettes were a more popular choice when I started listening to music and then followed the CD revolution but it just doesn’t sound as romantic to me saying CD. I’m absolutely over the moon at the vinyl revolution, I’ve got my turntable set up in my living room and I find it makes me listen to an entire album, properly. I’m really fussy about which albums make my record collection, I think you can afford to be these days. I use Spotify to find the albums that are worthy of making my collection, kind of mixing the old world with the new. 

I don’t know if we’ll get a vinyl pressing done, as independent artists pressing relatively small numbers, the cost is too great. We’d have to sell them at too high a price just to break even but it’s a dream of mine to one day have a real record out and like other dreams, we’re going to keep pushing until we can make it happen. 

You may have seen that we’ve started to get busy in the studio again, we’re taking a different approach this time. With Release the Bow we stumped up our hard earned on some studio time at Blue Print Studios in Salford. As an experience, it’s hard to beat. We worked with Producer/Engineer Gaz Hadfield - who performed the same duties on Infinite Expectations - and we made some great noises. This time out, we have invested in some more recording equipment of our own and have started laying down the tracks for the new recordings. After a little false-start we had great success on our 2nd session and the drum tracks, with thanks also to my brand-new drum kit, are sounding fantastic already. 

If you’ve ever wondered how the recording process works then these are the 2 approaches we have used recently. With Release the Bow we recorded most of the instruments ‘live’ meaning that we all played and recorded our parts at the same time. This method is supposed to give you a more natural feel, except everyone is wearing headphones and Andy was in a different room due to the way acoustic guitars need to be recorded. We then overdubbed vocals and other a few other parts later. With our latest sessions we are recording separately. It all begins with a guide track, this is a simple outline of the song with a vocal laid down which we can follow as we’re recording. Once all the rhythm section parts are down then the guide is deleted and the real vocal is laid down. This is a great way of working as it’s not necessary for every band member to be there so we can record as and when people are available. 

We’re excited to bring you the new songs, if you’ve seen us live recently then you’ve had a sneak preview of some of the songs that will be recorded in these sessions. Keep your eyes on our social media and email newsletter as we may just be giving you some exclusive insights in the coming weeks.

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