You don't know what you don't know

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this (I’ve definitely mentioned it) but I have had one of my goals fulfilled recently. In fact, it was yesterday at the time of writing. Sunday 3rd June 2018 if you’re not currently sat looking over my shoulder as I type this, was the day it happened. I gave my first Drum Clinic and I’m not afraid to tell you I was absolutely bricking it, all day. I haven’t been that nervous about playing since about 1998, gigs and studio sessions are a normal thing for me after so many years of playing that I don’t give much thought to them. If it’s a big gig then I tend to get excited rather than nervous but a few hours hanging around the venue between soundcheck and showtime usually sorts that out. But performing at a drum clinic, this is big time to me. I’ve been to loads of them over the years and thought “I can do that” until the day of it happening and then I thought “maybe I can’t”. Anyway, I had a bit of a plan in my mind and there was no backing out. 

As I was planning my performance I had all kinds of doubts in my mind, things like; Is this interesting for the audience, is it too simplistic, why would they even care, did I remember to put my trousers on. All the important questions. Now I’ve had a day to look back on what I did the one thing that stood out to me was my doubt about it being too simplistic. If you’ve not seen the clip on Facebook, I based it all on our song Stacey (available on the Release The Bow project on this very website or you can listen to it on the player at the bottom of this page) which has a Latin vibe to it. Now I thought I’d just point out that the rhythm is based around a Clave (pronounced Klar-vay) pattern but when I asked the 80 strong audience if they knew what it was, there was about 75 of them that didn’t. Wow, that blew my mind a bit. I’ve been taking this knowledge for granted, it’s also why I love teaching. You don’t know this? Cool, let me explain it to you. (If you want me to explain it to you then please just ask, you can leave a comment below, use the form on the contact page on this website or send a Facebook message). 

It has also got me thinking about what I don’t know and I have completely boggled myself, loads of stuff I guess. Definitely loads of stuff. My 6-year-old son comes home from school with all kinds of things that I thank Google for (did I mention all those drummer jokes are about me). I don’t know what I don’t know but I’m going to keep finding out.

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