We're all experts

I heard a great quote the other day, it was by the Chicago Bears new defensive co-ordinator Chuck Pagano. Chuck is a former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, he had 3 successful winning seasons there before enduring a few not successful ones. In his opening press conference he was asked about a number of things from his past to which he replied ‘We’re all experts, you guys (the press), the fans, everyone is an expert. On Monday.’ Wow, he really hit the nail on the head. In this day and age of social media, online shopping and various levels of the keyboard warrior, we can’t get away from people telling us how, what or where and what they would have done different and ultimately much better. The guys who have worked within the sport for many years, have spent time with the players, know every detail of the dynamic of the group and have to make snap decisions in real time know nothing but the rest of us could have won the Super Bowl every year, if only we were given the chance. 

The internet can be a frustrating place. If we’re looking for a review on something, say a hotel, there can be a number of great reviews but you will always find someone who has had a horrific experience. The trouble with the internet is that you don’t get the full story of why it was bad. I’m sure that some people are occasionally badly done to, however there must be a pretty decent percentage of people with terrible attitudes who make it bad for themselves. Unfortunately, the hotel can’t really respond to the bad review for fear of looking petty or trying to cover up what may or may not have happened so I think we have to take it with a pinch of salt. 

In music, opinion is important but I’ve come to believe that its only my opinion that is important to me and only yours that is important to you. We can talk all day about different things we have heard in an album, what we liked, what we didn’t. In fact, we do this every Tuesday on our Facebook Page. I love hearing what people like and don’t like, no one is wrong. 

We often hear that an album is ‘critically acclaimed’, but does this even matter? I think not. I’ve heard many albums that have been loved by music critics that I have thought were absolute rubbish. I try to listen to BBC 6 music every now and again but I find a lot of what they play, which is fawned over by the DJ to be a load of pretentious nonsense. There are other albums and artists that get scoffed at by people ‘in the know’ that I love and go on to be big sellers where as the critics choices often fall by the wayside. This is as much to do with how commercial the album is as anything else. Perhaps music reviewers are fed up with commercial popular music, having been forced to listen to everything under the sun for so long, they are searching for something a little different but they seem to ignore what the people at large are looking for. The old saying goes ‘It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing’. This saying comes from a Duke Ellington composition back in the 30’s and the dawn of the Big Band era. These days the word swing isn’t taken quite so literally but the point still stands. If it doesn’t move you, get your feet tapping or evoke some kind of emotion then its really no good for you. 

I’m an expert in music but only to myself.

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