Practice what you preach

Its take your own advice time again for me this week on a couple of scores. We, as a band, have been focussing a lot of attention on what is being called the new music business. Rather than try and get what was previously the holy grail, in our world, a record deal, the new world says we can do it ourselves, we don’t need ‘gatekeepers’ to let us in, we’re ignoring the gates and climbing through a hole in the fence. All we need is people like you, who are open to listening to new music, enjoy what we do and are willing to support us, we honestly can’t thank you enough and we absolutely love providing you with a bit of ear candy. 

I see a lot of posts on social media urging people to support their local music scene by visiting independent venues and watching independent (I am refusing to use the word unsigned these days) artists/bands/acts and I for one am guilty of saying ‘yes you should, everyone come and support us’ while not actually getting up and supporting the local scene myself, hypocritical bastard that I am. Well, I have resolved (who needs new year for that) to support my local scene better. I am going to start now, hang on a minute…………… I’ve started, I’ve bought a T Shirt and a CD and a badge from a great local band. I have been a fan of the singer/guitarist in several of his previous bands dating back over 20 years now, ever since I first met him during my underage drinking days in a now closed down and demolished establishment in South Fleetwood. He’s a great songwriter, musician and performer and I feel I have righted a wrong by supporting him in his latest band, and I’m not going to stop there, if I like you and what you’re doing I’m going to go out of my way to support you so get in touch and let me know what you’ve got going on and we’ll stick it to the man together. 

The second part of me practicing what I preach is a very literal sense, I am actually practicing the drums, not right now. I’m clearly far too busy at this very moment, I’m at one of my ‘day jobs’ writing this blog. Sssshhhhhhhhhh don’t tell the boss. 

As a drum teacher, I am obviously a massive advocate of people practising. The problem is, I’ve never been that big into it myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love to play the drums. Its just, for me, the drums have always been a social thing, not a lock yourself in a room on your own thing. I love rehearsing and playing live, I love being part of the writing process and the creative side of things. I love being in the recording studio and the challenge that comes with it. I love teaching and helping people achieve their goals. I just don’t love practicing on my own. However, I frequently find myself becoming quite stagnant in regards to my personal progression. I normally get over it, but this time it feels different. I’ve found myself wanting to push on a bit. It helps to have a couple of students that are more advanced but it also helps to find something that you want to do. I came across a book I bought many years ago and something just clicked in me to go and practice it, so I did, and I’m enjoying it, much more than I did when I first bought the book, looked at it once then threw it in the corner. 

I want to improve myself, and others if I’m able, in as many ways as possible and I’m hoping that these 2 areas are just the start.

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