I want it all

I’ve got to admit, I was wrong. In my first blog post way back in April last year I exclaimed that the hardest thing to do was start. I would like to now update this and say the hardest thing to do is re-start. I had a little break from, well, everything over Christmas. I told you I was all or nothing but getting back into writing this blog has clearly taken me a long time to get to. Not because I don’t enjoy doing it, I just didn’t have the thought process to do it. I needed a little jolt and that came courtesy of Mick last Wednesday simply asking “What’s happened to the blog?” I have a lot of respect for both Mick and Andy, this band is like a brotherhood. We look out for each other, share in the ups and downs in life and get to work for each other. Mick’s simple question has held me accountable and that has given me the impetus to start again. 

I’m impatient, and also pretty materialistic. I like and want nice things. Especially nice drum things. My wife must despair at me, I own 4 perfectly good drum kits, I love each one of them and they all get used. I have one in our Studio for rehearsing and recording, another bagged up ready for gigging, the third is at the music academy I teach from and the last one is kept in the van for my peripatetic teaching work. They all get used, but I want more. Just 2 more. I already have a use in mind for one but the other would be pretty much sheer indulgence. Drum kits can be pretty similar to each other, they’re cylindrical and generally made of wood, I’ve made a point of my most recent drum kit purchases being as different as possible from those I already have, one being a much smaller ‘metro’ or ‘jam’ kit and the other having the most wonderful wooden hoops (normally metal). The 2 on my wish list are, for me, the only iconic drum kits in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll. They’re both Ludwig kits, which would be a bit of a departure for me as I’ve always bought Tama, but the availability of modern/re-issue versions of Ringo’s classic Black Oyster Pearl and John Bonham’s Vistalite. If you don’t know what that is then just ask, I will chew your ear off for about an hour about it and probably make you come with me to a music shop I know has one in stock just to look at it. 

Another spark has been lit as we (my family) are having some home improvements done. New windows and doors, bathroom, plastering, bedroom furniture for the kids and a new coop for the chickens. We had the salesman round for the windows, decided what we wanted, paid a not inconsiderable amount of money as a deposit and then we’re told we have to wait 6-8 weeks. Same with the bathroom. As I mentioned above, I’m not a patient guy. I don’t like surprises if I know I’m getting a surprise. I’d rather believe I’m not getting a birthday present than to know I’m getting one but not know what it is. I hate waiting for things. I also want to realise my long-standing dream of having a drum room at my house. Now that we have dates for the house to be in tip top condition my thoughts have instantly turned to the converting my garage into a useable space. The trouble is, we’ve spent up. The only way its going to get done before the turn of the next century is if I do it myself. Oh no. I am not a gifted craftsman. I don’t like it and crucially I don’t have the patience for it. I also don’t have the patience to wait and save up enough money to pay someone to do it for me so one is going to have to out weigh the other and I’m going to have to learn how and get my hands dirty. Feel free to ask me how the project is going from time to time, just like getting back into writing this blog, I need a regular kick up the considerably sized rear to actually get anything done.

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