We talk about heroes too often. It’s a term that is used to describe pretty much anyone we like. Whether it is in music, sport, film or television or any other medium for that matter. Art, and sport, can touch us in many ways. It can bring us together, give us emotional support, lift our spirits and bring us down. With the Football World Cup being played at the minute and England performing so well its only a matter of time before the entire team gets labelled as heroes but is this going too far? In my opinion, yes. 

An age-old question I get asked is who are your drumming heroes? Or the fantasy dinner question of ‘if you could have anyone – dead or alive – over for dinner then who would you invite?’ I answer the first question spooling off a few of my favourite drummers, but are they heroes? The second question is intended for you again to reel off a load of people who you admire but have never and/or are never likely to meet. But the more I get asked or hear the question get asked I just think, I’d like to have my mates over. I don’t have enough time to see people as often as I’d like, one of them lives in Saudi Arabia, I have other friends as far a field as London and the Highlands of Scotland and places in between. Even my friends that live in Blackpool get sadly neglected (sadly for me, not sure if they’d agree). 

Don’t let me deflect from the work that footballers, musicians, actors, artists etc. do. Its always nice to meet someone whose work you admire. Its just a hero to me is someone who, without any thought of the outcome for his or her self will put themselves in harms way. People such as Wayne Marques, the Firefighters at Grenfell Tower and up on Winter Hill recently, The whistle blowers at Winterbourne View. These people are heroes. Putting themselves at risk to help and save others. 

I think we need to re-address the terms we use. Hero and Legend should be reserved for the very few who are truly worthy.

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