Express Yourself

Is there a better bass line in music than that of Express Yourself by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. What a great band name too, certainly helps with the word count. I must have written it out in full about 28 times in one essay for my degree. Anyway, my point when I sat down to write this blog wasn’t to harp on about that song but it all kind of ties in with what I want to say. 

Imagine coming up with something like that, it must have felt amazing laying that down for the first time. I know for sure that it felt amazing because I recently had an experience which has made my soul smile (sorry to get a bit hippy on you, well not really sorry I’ve done it, deal with it). In fact, it’s over a week ago since we (The band, not you and I) were in rehearsal and decided to try a full band arrangement of an older song from the “Twobadour” days. I don’t want to down play how I feel about playing the drums, I absolutely love it, every time I get to play with the band I give it my all and I hope that comes across in my playing. However, there is sometimes a twinge of self-doubt, especially when watching and talking to other drummers and letting them hear what you’ve done, there are many moments where I’ve seen drummers play and thought “If only I could play like that”. I think it’s a natural part of being a musician, I hope it is anyway because its always something that is in my mind. Now the reason my soul was smiling on that day is because, when I started to play this new/old song, what came out was, to me – at least, the perfect part for the song. As I said I always enjoy playing but this part in this song is something else to me. 

Whilst I was driving home after the session I tried to reflect on it and put it into some kind of logical thought and it just occurred to me that if I’d been watching me play that, I’d have been jealous of me. I can kind of view it in my mind as an almost out of body experience, as a spectator I’m thinking yeah, that guy is loving it. I was, and am. I get to put my soul into some wonderful pieces of music, it’s just sometimes for some reason there are moments that are just so perfect that it makes me so happy to be doing what I’m doing. I could list many adjectives about how I feel to be able to create drum parts for songs but it all boils down to my love, want and need to express myself.

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